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Giving great ideas
a big dollop of support.

Is it innovative, exciting or worthy with obvious market potential? Then Ketchup can give you the skills and support you need to turn this bright idea into reality and in doing so help to exceed its local or global potential.

Whether you are an individual looking for support, or part of a team or larger company, Ketchup will meet your requirements with equal enthusiasm.

We believe in fairness, good ideas, taking on ‘the norm’… and having fun doing it.

The perfect

Ketchup is a group of proven companies drawn together by the mutual respect they have for each other’s skills and experience. Whether your idea requires an individual company, or a combination, we can help with all aspects of taking a good idea quickly to market.

on the side.

Ketchup group members provide a high level consultancy with a proven international infrastructure. Whether you’re the idea generator or the investor, with Ketchup on the side we can reduce risk and increase speed to market.

All of the companies who make up Ketchup are founded by entrepreneurs who are just as motivated by the success of an idea as you are. We promote flexible commercial relationships and are prepared to speculate if we think the idea has strong legs. So expect phrases like ‘profit sharing’, ‘get now, pay later’ and ‘cost-only charging’ to be bandied around the table.

Want to
chip in?

We are always looking for investors who match the character of our group of companies. We believe in pairing the right investors with the right ideas and in all cases growing the ideas as cost-effectively as possible. A better return with less risk is one of our mottos.

So we like to find individuals who not only share our ideas on how to conduct ourselves in business and life, but who also like to get involved with their investment. It’s not just about investing money, it’s about the thrill of being part of the team who will shape your level of return.

Need more?

If you’re the idea generator, need some creative support, or an investor, and think you’ve got a taste for Ketchup but need to delve a little deeper, then contact us here.

We’ll be happy to give you a big dollop of tasty reasoning.

Our clients.

We thrive on healthy, productive relationships and conduct our business in a relaxed and approachable manner.

You will understand this from your very first conversation with us.


Our clients.


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