BubblePod is a self-powered device that allows anyone to take super-high-quality 360º panoramic images using just their phone. Little touches include the ability to mount on a tripod, or on top of an open wine bottle. Neat, huh?

BubblePix virtual tours are the perfect way to showcase your company, and we're able to help implement 360º in your business using BubblePix products. Great for onboarding new hires, or showing visitors the layout of your premises before they visit. 

Perhaps you're selling your house and want to add a little something extra to your Rightmove listing.

What we did

One of Inventor Tom Lawton’s, first innovative products, came in the shape of the BubbleScope. This was swiftly followed by the BubblePod - all supported by Ketchup and our partners at Tiger Global.

BubblePod cried out for crowdfunding, so we chose to run a Kickstarter campaign. This required us to design content, edit video and follow through with ongoing customer service, going as far as to arrange and oversee the import and then fulfilment of the product worldwide, and then manage their online shop and ongoing customer service requirements once the campaign was complete and funded.

With the help of Ketchup, BubblePix ‘virtual tours’ was created. We can now provide the hardware and expertise to aid you in achieving professional 360º images that we then capture, build, and implement online so you can showcase your workplace, property or anywhere else that can be showcased in full 360º goodness.