Dr Zak's

Dr Zak's develop every-day protein foods - foods you're told you need to sacrifice to meet your training goals - foods you probably love and miss. 

They've put bread, pasta and even cookies back on the menu by taking away most of the carbs but retaining that great carby taste. 

If bread and pasta isn't your thing, then try one of their jars of peanut butter, bagels, clusters or their coconut oil. 

Delicious. And good for you!

What we did

Like Core150, Dr Zak’s has its own well-established Brand and Social Media presence. However, with a new crowdfunding idea on the horizon a call was placed to Ketchup to use our expertise in campaign management, digital Design, website design, customer service, social media advertising, and email marketing.

Ketchup quite literally not only accompanied Dr Zak’s on this journey but also provided the perfect ingredients:

Dr Zak's were looking to raise £325,000 via crowdfunding on Crowdcube.com and needed our help to spread the word of their exciting new venture. We were asked to create a striking campaign image that would generate maximum interest and awareness with new and existing audiences.

Dr Zaks wanted to offer their loyal customer base and the fitness world the opportunity to 'grab a slice' and become a valued shareholder.

So, inspired by Dr Zak's High Protein Bread we created the 'Grab a Slice' campaign. This campaign was not just aimed at the big city investors, this was for anyone interested in becoming a part of something big from as little as £10. We knew the visual styling needed to be bold and playful with a simple message that everyone could digest.

The current identity for Dr Zak's is very well established and is recognised by many. So when it came to designing the image for the campaign, we understood the importance of maintaining their values and aimed to deliver their message appropriately.