Innovative New Products.

At Ketchup we love to apply all our skills and experience, helping a great new idea get off the ground. 

Especially if it’s one that will help make the world a bit of a better place in some way!

By combining the product development and manufacturing services of our parent company Tiger Global with our full suite of communications services, we can help take a conceptual idea all the way to a globally available product. So, we do exactly that by investing in ideas that we believe have great potential and starting new businesses based around those ideas.

Those new businesses not only end up with access to all the services you see here but also, as part of our group, they have access to everything behind the scenes too. Book-keeping, commercial strategy and distribution mechanisms – everything you need to make a complete and highly capable business.

Our group businesses share resource on demand, so all of our start-ups have access to awesome resources on a completely scalable platform, ensuring they can scale without taking on overhead resource they are not ready for - The killer of many a start-up and dream.

If you think you have an idea we may be able to help with, just drop us a line. Who knows? We may be able to work together and make it the next big thing.