Eazy Egg

Eazy Egg give a cluck about their hens. Without them they would be out of business, so while the hens are doing their thing each day and laying wonderful eggs, Eazy Egg want them to be happy.
Eazy Egg will only ever use Free Range Eggs in their products. That’s right, their hens are never stuck indoors in a barn and certainly not in a cage.

Ketchup were tasked to develop a completely new brand identity and packaging for new high protein foods company Eazy Egg. With animal welfare and simplicity at the heart of the brands ethos, it was important to bring these strong brand messages forward throughout their visual identity.

The brand has launched their first product, 100% natural free-range liquid egg whites. Eazy Egg’s objective for this was not just to target gym goers, but to communicate to a wider general audience that are conscious of the changing food industry, animal welfare and healthier living. The packaging design needed to feel organic and champion these messages whilst still concentrating on the key benefits of a high protein diet.