Million Mile Light

Million Mile Light is an award-winning safety light designed for anyone who spends any time outside near traffic, to ensure they're always visible and much safer as a result.

It requires no batteries and has a warranty of 5 years - making it great for the environment as well as their customers' wallets. It's the only safety light you'll ever need.

What we did

We love working with people like Tom Lawton, Founder of Positively Human and Inventor of the Million Mile Light, because it gives us the chance to showcase just about everything Ketchup can offer a company - along with our friends at Tiger Global’s manufacturing skill set.

We’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the evolution of the Million Mile Light from its original Award Winning version, to the all-new Next Generation Million Mile Light now designed for everyone to use, not just for runners.

Tom had a vision and idea for his innovative new product that not only needed manufacturing and packaging but also required crowdfunding.

For this we chose to run a Kickstarter, which we built and oversaw throughout for a second successful overfunded campaign.

Designing and writing content, editing video and following through with ongoing customer service, and going as far as arranging and overseeing the import and fulfilment of the product worldwide were all part of the brief.

In creating a successful campaign like this we had to make sure brand management was top priority, whilst we designed and created original content with regards to marketing not only the Kickstarter campaign but also the online store built using Shopify; for pre-sales and existing sales of the original running light using paid ads and social media content on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

We continue to work with Tom; ensuring that the day to day social media management is taken care of with fresh, original and innovative content and advertising.

Ongoing post-Kickstarter customer service keeps the Million Mile Light shining bright and on track to further its success story.