We have several successful crowdfunding projects under our belt, and we have to say, we have a lot of fun implementing them. 

We know the crowdfunding world inside out. So we come prepared and ready. We scope out the competition and do the research for you. As a team, we scour the right platforms to find the hottest products and learn why they are the most successful.

We want the first day of your campaign to be successful. The more people on board from day one will help make your crowdfunding campaign a big success. So we like to create a buzz before you launch. This means putting together a well-oiled marketing strategy using tools and methods that are tried and tested.

How we do it:

+ Social media management.

+ PPC Advertising.

+ Email Marketing.

+ Facebook Advertising. 

How much does it cost to make your project? 

This question is very important. This will define how you price your rewards.

What is the bottom line goal you need? 

Most crowdfunding campaigns work on an “all or nothing” method, meaning if you don’t reach your goal, you get no money. So setting a goal too high could cost you the project.  

How many days do you want to run the campaign for? 

Campaigns can last anywhere from one to 60 days. Longer campaigns do not guarantee success, and often shorter ones work better. We’re able to plan all of your crowdfunding costs. 


We will work out all costs for:

+ Production

+ Marketing

+ PR

+ E-shop builds + PPC ads

+ Customer service + Creative assets

+ Fulfilment

+ Storage

+ Shipping

+ Prototyping + Moulds